you have no idea how much respect i have for you. you're a blessing. 💛

You know this is a fanpage right? But thank u so much if that was meant to be for me. ❤️❤️

It isn’t a shipping fanpage. Just two of my favorite viners.  I know she has a boyfriend because I post pics of them all the time and I even have captions about how they are such a cute couple.  Plus I mean I don’t think it’s weird but thats just me. thanks for telling me what you think about me though. As a person who looks up to Tyla because of the things she’s been through (which are some of the same things I have), I respect her SO much. That includes that I respect her relationships with people and I would personally never make a shipping page for anyone.  So I’m sorry you think that weird is bad because it isn’t. Im a weird person.  Being normal is boring, you need a way to stand out from all the others.


plus I find it sorta weird your on Anon (just using your words)